h/t to Pam's House Blend

This is absolutely hysterical.  A video from the upcoming album of Donnie Davis and Evening Service from Love God's Way ministries.  Pam has all the details as intrepid bloggers ferret out the genius behind this parody.  Its been banned from MySpace, Google and YouTube.  I was rolling in my pajamas laughing so hard I frightened my dog who was trying to enjoy the soft-Christian-pop strains. 

I can't do all the fancy downloading and embedding of videos yet, so click on the image and it will take you to where you can view it all for yourselves.  Here's a taste of the lyrics:

God hates a fag
God hates fags
God hates fags
So if you're a fag, He hates you, too

Read the Bible and you'll be sure
To enter heaven, there's no back door
Righteous man, get on your knees
There lies no virtue in sodomy

Lord you are my shield
Sustain me through the fight
A shelter from the urges
And help me see the light

You filthy sinners should just let me be
'Cause Jesus my savior's the only man for me