Bishop Duncan and his faithful bigots are taking their toys and going home.  To heck with the national province of the Episcopal Church and its female president and her homorespective ways.  To heck with them. 

The vote which was anticipated confirms the rift between the conservative Pittsburgh diocese (minus a few forward thinking souls) and the American Episcopal Church. Duncan claims he wants to be in greater communion with the worldwide Anglican Church.  Folks like Peter Akinola, Archbishop of Nigeria, who supports legislation making homosexuals illegal (not the activity, the person). 

Duncan did not act hastily.  First, he jerrymandered his own new province of which he is the big cahuna.  Nice, huh?  Rick Santorum has a nice career ahead of him in church politics if he plays his cards right. 

Yesterday's vote, which followed this summer's approval of the resolution by the diocese's standing committee, does, as Bishop Duncan said yesterday, give the Pittsburgh diocese a new temporary home: the Anglican Communion Network.

In fact, a line item in the budget approved yesterday will send the estimated $2,000 in dues formerly earmarked for Province III to the network, an organization of about 200,000 Episcopalians unhappy with what they consider "innovations" in the denomination, particularly the ordination of openly gay clergy and same-sex blessings.

Bishop Duncan is moderator of the network.

Innovations!  Say it isn't so.  This is really sad.  Duncan has no intentions of compromising on anything.  He doesn't want to report to a woman and he ain't gonna support the Episcoqueerians.  Now its going to become a custody battle. 

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