It has been a tumultuous week in Columbus Ohio where the Episcopal Church legislative body wrestled with questions that threatened the very unity of the church, a part of the worldwide Anglican Communion (PG).

The church shocked the world with the 2003 election of New Hampshire Bishop Gene Robinson, an openly gay man.  In response, a commision established by the Archbishop of Canterbury issued a report calling for a moratorium on electing gay bishops. 

This Episcopal Church gathering carefully crafted a response expressing regret for not being more careful with the appointment and failing to recognize the impact it would have.  It does express regret for appointing a gay man. 

The gathering also rocked the boat with the election of Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori as Presiding Bishop. 

The conservative forces within the Anglican Church, including Pittsburgh's own Bishop Duncan, are not pleased.

The Rev. Canon David C. Anderson, president of the conservative American Anglican Communion, said the actions thus far at the convention, including the House of Deputies' vote on the "Expression of Regret," had not altered his opinion that the Episcopal Church was headed in the wrong direction.

"It was not Windsor Report-compliant to begin with," he said of the vote. "So they rearranged the deck chairs on the Titanic."

And there remains other legislation dealing with the election of gay bishops and the authorization of same-sex unions that must still be voted on before the convention ends late tomorrow.