Reverend Janet Edwards let me know that she is now a regular contributor to the "On Faith" section vis a vis Newsweek and Washington Post.  Here's a link to her contributions thus far.  Her most recent piece is about the Super Bowl:

I see this as an expensive effort on the part of Focus on the Family to raise their profile with an eternal hot button. When the ad comes on Sunday, I plan to go to the kitchen for chips. And since I feel so strongly about this, I will stop now, myself, giving Focus on the Family any more attention until their actions show they really want a serious discussion worthy of the women forced by life to think about abortion.

My heart cries out for a meaningful conversation about these important matters and I trust Jim Daly when he says he feels the same way. I wish we could agree that Super Bowl ads are not the way to do it.

I am so pleased that from the midst of a long struggle over marriage equality, Janet will now bring her wisdom and wit to a national forum.  What a wonderful coup for Pittsburgh.  Congratulations, Janet.  We look forward to reading more.