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View Article  Letter to the editor - DADT

Karen Mesko's piece in the Post-Gazette draw an appreciative letter from another person discharged under this policy.


View Article  Saturday

I'm hanging at Hoi Polloi today.  I fully intended to find good information on LGBT community, but I've been distracted by the Scrabble and news from the earthquakes in Chili and Argentina.

So here's a little round up.

An Italian chef was fired for suggesting, however tongue in cheek, that people could cook their cats if they lacked other meat. 

A North Carolina elected official describes the "Obama tsunami" which <gasp> increased voter turnout among the African-American community.  He's no friend to the homos either. (h/t Pam's House Blend)

Groundbreaking news from HUD with regard to a discrimination study for the LGBT community.

Time for Democracy for Pittsburgh endorsements. (h/t 2 Political Junkies)

The Tea Party got cancelled cause its slippy out.

That's all I got.


View Article  We are having a "Coffee" House Party for Joe Hoeffel and You Are Invited!

If you are free Sunday evening, please join us at Hoi Polloi for a "house" party for Joe Hoeffel. 

Joe will be joining us via videoconference to take your live questions. So this is a great opportunity to talk informally with the campaign staff AND to ask your specific questions. 

We'll have some of Hoi Polloi's signature finger foods (homemade!) and all the coffee you can drink (tea, too even though it isn't one of "those" kind of parties) compliments of your host committee.  There will be a cash "coffee bar" if you crave a special drink and you can also order off the menu. 

Hope to see you there!

View Article  I just joined WDUQ

They had me when I saw this ...


Partner/Spouse!  We even get top billing. 

View Article  The Candidate Who Notices Important Steps Toward Equality




View Article  I know, I know ...

I promise I will post about the Mayor's LGBT Advisory Council meeting.  I can't promise to be particularly witty.  I've been debriefed by no less than five people about this meeting, including someone from the Mayor's team, so I'm already a little over it. 

However, I spent more than 12 months pushing for this Council to take shape and do something so I promise to stick with it for the long haul. 

I did live tweet the event.  You can read all about it here http://twitter.com/#search?q=%23LukeLGBTcmt

That's all I've got for right now. 

View Article  PG Stuff N That

Some good news from the PA Supreme  Superior Court ...

The PG does a thorough job with this story, explaining how the concept of custody rulings continues to evolve around the best interests of the child.  The idea that one type of parent is automatically a better custodial parent because of their identity (mother, white, married, etc) is set aside. 

I also like that the higher court slapped down the lower court judge for clear gender bias in his ruling.

View Article  Live Tweeting Mayor's LGBT Advisory Meeting Tonight

Tonight, the Mayor's LGBT Advisory Committee will be holding its first meeting with representatives of the community.  I will be live tweeting the meeting so you can be there, too! 

The invitation asked us to bring along our top three concerns/issues related to the LGBT community in Pittsburgh.  I have one very concrete, easy to address proposal (AND a solution that won't cost money).  Do you have any suggestions?  You can email or tweet me if you do. 

View Article  WV House keeps "marriage protection" amendment from floor vote

Good news from West Virginia. (h/t Fairness West Virginia)

GOP delegates unsuccessfully tried to force a floor vote on a bipartisan resolution (HJR5) called the "Marriage Protection Amendment." The proposal calls for a statewide referendum on whether to amend West Virginia's constitution to define marriage as between one man and one woman.

This week, Republicans launched a push to make the House vote on measures they say Democrats have allowed to die in the legislative process.  They want to do that by "discharging" bills from committees, bringing them directly to the floor for a vote.

Except for Delegate Tom Louisos, D-Fayette, the House's Democratic majority on Tuesday voted to postpone consideration of the Republican motion to discharge the marriage amendment.

Later, the committee that controls the flow of bills decided to keep that motion off the House's agenda. 

The issue has some life in the WV Senate, but this is definitely good news. 

View Article  Joe Hoeffel ad

This was posted as a DailyKOS diary yesterday. Thoughtful people are not buying into the idea that we must capitulate on equality to run a viable candidate in the general election. 

[T]here's also a need to be bold enough that if you win, you have a mandate to actually pass laws that address the problems the state faces (like the lack of civil rights for LGBT people). Some people think Onorato or Wagner strike the right balance, and I respect their opinion. On the other hand, I remember how electability worked out in Bush vs. Kerry in 2004. In hindsight, a clearer contrast like Howard Dean might have been a better choice to go up against Bush.

I'm not against Onorato, Wagner or Williams. I just think we can do better.

Let's ask the gay employees of Allegheny County if we can do better. 


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