I'm hanging at Hoi Polloi today.  I fully intended to find good information on LGBT community, but I've been distracted by the Scrabble and news from the earthquakes in Chili and Argentina.

So here's a little round up.

An Italian chef was fired for suggesting, however tongue in cheek, that people could cook their cats if they lacked other meat. 

A North Carolina elected official describes the "Obama tsunami" which <gasp> increased voter turnout among the African-American community.  He's no friend to the homos either. (h/t Pam's House Blend)

Groundbreaking news from HUD with regard to a discrimination study for the LGBT community.

Time for Democracy for Pittsburgh endorsements. (h/t 2 Political Junkies)

The Tea Party got cancelled cause its slippy out.

That's all I got.