So here's what you might want to check out

The trial challening California's Proposition 8 is underway.  While the video is on hold pending a Supreme Court review, you can follow it pretty well on Twitter using hashtag #Prop8. 

Potter has the latest take on the Prevailing Wage legislation.  My new City Councilperson, Daniel Lavelle, is the latest cosponsor. From a queer perspective, very important local discussion to watch ... remember, economic issues are often at the top of the list for our families.  Hand in hand is my attempt to discern the "gay friendliness" of local unions.  I'm not making much headway in that regard, BUT I am trying.  I'm especially intrigued by the County employee unions ... where do they stand?  Kevin McCarthy, what say you? 

In other local news, one of our strongest allies (and still relevant) City Councilman Bill Peduto has brought Pittsburgh City Council into the 21st Century.  Meanwhile, one of our strongest (and still relevant) leaders, City Councilman Bruce Kraus, is tackling the nuisance that is the Southside strip o'bars AND endorsing Congressman Joe Sestak for Congress. The progressive goodness does my heart good.  Plus, I'd love to stroll the Southside post-Cambodican dinner without tripping over drunken Duquesne University honor roll students (aka future "good Catholic" community leaders). 

A good read (what isn't, really?) from Pittsblog 2.0 on the future of Pittsburgh's leadership.  Note the hopeful note for diversity.

Cyril Wecht for Governor?  What?  KDKA just said it.  Did she just go there again?

Paul McKrell, State House Rep hopeful - again, has moved - again.  Yes, he's left Facebook in the largest Burgh "unfriending" in recent history, but the ever popular McKrell's social media savy move may pay off.

Local gay news?  The Mayor's LGBT Advisory Committee is having a sit down with their "LGBT Leadership" designees (including yours truly - must be the Xena video) sometime in February.  I'm sure looking forward to seeing City Councilman Bruce Kraus there. They wouldn't dare not invite him, would they?  I mean ... we are moving forward in the spirit of cooperation, right?  Left? 

I'm off to the Steel City Stonewall meeting tonight at Panera Bread in Oakland.  Hope to see you there.