Oh, snap. 

FOP President Dan O'Hara did not just go there.  Oh. Yes. He. Did.

Officer O'Hara called the police bureau's decision to even hold a hearing a "miscarriage of justice."

"This should be tried in the courts," said Officer O'Hara. He said the city's decision to act quickly was based on pressure from women's groups. "This was in his private life and has nothing to do with his professional life."

The FOP is actually whining about someone else putting "pressure" on politicians.  Excuse me while I ROTFLMAO.

Except. It isn't funny.

Officer O'Hara is supposed to be an advocate for women in their most vulnerable moments. Half of the people he pledges to protect and serve are female.  That's a little sobering when you consider he hasn't uttered a single word denouncing domestic abuse. 

I understand that he has Hlavac's back to protect, but who is protecting all the rest of us? 

I shudder to think of Sgt Hlavac or Officer O'Hara responding to a call involving same sex partner abuse.