Ah, the price we citizens pay for the might of the FOP.  Sgt Hlavac is in the news again for dislocating the jaw of his ex-girlfriend and the mother of his child.  He claims he was defending himself.  Hmmm.

Potter at the City Paper.
After outrage greeted Hlavac's promotions, Ravenstahl pledged that a new domestic-violence policy would "address the issue from here on out," and that Hlavac and the other officers would be "closely monitored."

How's that working out, Mayor Ravensathl?[sic]

Behind the Blue Wall


Some wonder if we should blame the Masons?

Jeanne Clark of NOW went to today's preliminary hearing and used Twitter to share the blow by blow (pun intended). 

Hlavac has been reassigned to the warrants office, but still carries his weapon.  He's using up his vacation so there's no "need" to suspend him, but the CPRB is calling for a suspension.

Folks, this man is a volatile nightmare of a public servant.  How can a person with reasonable intellect and self-preservation skill emerge unscathed from the 2007 promotion debacle only to engage in escalating violence toward his intimate partner?  It is called domestic violence, not a spat nor a dispute nor self-defense.  A trained police officer does not need to dislocate the jaw of a woman to "defend" himself.  At least not a well-trained police officer. 

The woman and men of our City deserve better than thugs like this man serving on our police force.  I want a cool-headed officer with a measure of self-control to respond to a crisis in my neighborhood, not a violent predator with a chip on his shoulder. 

Take his weapon and his badge until the court determines his guilt. For once, Mayor Ravenstahl, move forward to protect the welfare of your residents instead of your union allies.