Good news.

Legislation that would expand hate crimes protections to include sexual orientation and gender identity has passed out of the PA House Judiciary Committee.  That's pretty cool.  I'm waiting for a press release from the advocacy groups, but this legislation has bipartisan support.  Did you know that current hate crimes laws do not protect people with disabilities?  Surprised?

The AFA of PA is now on Twitter

Progrss on Domestic Partner benefits for federal employees.

An arrest and confession in a brutal hate crime in Puerto Rico (see item above when you read this).

The Bengals signed Larry Johnson. Hmmm.  That's good news because that isn't the Steelers.  Plus, he seems to maybe get it.  Maybe.

The Washington Blade ceased publication. Huge blow for the national LGBT community. But they'll be back. 

Bitch magazine launches Sapphic Salon.

And, this week on SisterShOUT, we'll be chatting with Sue and Christina from the Women's Law Project about the reason reproductive choice is a LGBT issue.