It has been a quiet week on the blog.  Aside from the small step toward City-County consolidation that leaves the LGBTQ community behind, not much has been happening.  Here's a few snippets ...

Another fine example of Pennsylvania pride, the "whites only" Valley Club is filing for bankruptcy in lieu of lawsuits filed on behalf of the children who weren't permitted to swim because they weren't white.  This is a great example of the import of the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission.  (h/t Pam's House Blend)

A new lesbian oriented network site has popped up ... Where's My Lesbian? 

The American Medical Association has denounced Don't Ask, Don't Tell because it interferes with the patient/doctor relationship by requiring soldiers to keep pertinent information from their physician.  Interesting impact to consider, certainly as we engage in national debate on healthcare.  It is imperative that we discuss our sexual orientation with our healthcare providers.  I always ask new providers and most are somewhat shocked that I do so.  Only one time has a provider asked ME and asked me in great detail including a screening for abuse and my preferred language (partner/girlfriend, etc). She was awesome, but left the practice to be a stay at home mom for a few years. 

Candidate for Governor, Joe Hoeffel opposes the Anti-Choice Stupak Amendment.   For those of you who are curious, Maria offers a good explanation of the amendment.

The Hyde Amendment already barred federal funding for abortion services.

The Stupak Amendment actually rolls back private insurance coverage for reproductive rights.

Stupak is really about getting PRIVATE insurance plans to drop abortion coverage -- which 85% cover now.

Insurance companies will want to participate in the Public Exchange because it gives them a crack at tens of millions of new customers.

However, with Stupak, if you participate in the exchange -- and uninsured folks will be mandated to do so -- you will not be able to purchase a plan that covers abortions EVEN IF YOU PAY FOR THE PLAN ENTIRELY WITH YOUR OWN PERSONAL FUNDS.

So, again, we're not talking about government paid abortions -- that's already illegal -- we're talking about disallowing coverage of abortions from non government funded insurance plans.

Two great opportunities to get involved this week:

Steel City Stonewall monthly meeting, 7 PM Tuesday evening at the Panera Bread on the Boulevard of the Allies.  Your family can't afford for you to miss this meeting.

GLCC Open House.  5-9 PM on Thursday. 210 Grant Street. 

Hope to bump in to you somewhere this week.