Diane Gramley sent me another press releases yesterday.  It seems she has uncovered the school system component of the homosexual agenda -- we are going to infiltrate the academic world by promoting diversity and thus, perhaps undermine academic efforts. 

[GLSEN's] No Name Calling Week lesson plans were one to two 30-45 minute sessions per day.  Should schools be more concerned about presenting this material or teaching the children academics and preparing them for the PSSA test since this test has become such an integral part of the life of a student?    

What she means is Pennsylvania's precious children might actually learn not to hate gay people.

Poor Diane.  Her merry band of bigots might lose yet another scapegoat for their xtian-fueled hatefest.  Don't worry, honey, it won't happen anytime soon. I'm sure there's plenty of time for your little Bubba to beat him up a queer boy at school without it being labeled a hate crime.