Lots of goings on today ....

From the local front, two letters to the editor in the Post-Gazette.

David Schelbe, co-chair of PFLAG Pittsburgh, asks the crucial question -- how will amending the Pennsylvani constitution protect marriage?

Amy Beisel of the Pennsylvania Catholic Conference opines that a one man/one woman marriage is unique and special, as well as fundamental to the well-being of children.  Same old drivel dressed up pretty to defend marriage from a nameless threat.  And I'm sure the hundreds of thousands of Pennsylvania families that don't meet the one man/one woman threshold love being shoved into second class citizenship along with us homos.  Very Christian of you Ms. Beisel ... good to know you are working hard so your future husband can make decisions in your best interest.  :-)

Ms Beisel -- can you please spell out how ... HOW ... gay marriage will impact your marriage (or future marriage)?