Didn't we leave this behind in the 20th Century? 

According to a federal discrimination suit filed yesterday,  Welch West Virginia Sheriff Robert K. Bowman physically prevented a bystander from performing CPR on Claude Green, Jr. who was suffering a heart atack.  Green died at the hospital.

Sheriff Bowman acted because he thought Green was HIV positive.  Did he have any factual knowledge?  No, he reached this conclusion that b/c Green was gay he MUST be HIV positive.  And, thus, not deserving of CPR for fear of spreading the disease. 

Here's the link to the Welch, West Virginia website. 

Paging Rick Santorum and the Catholic and Presbyterian Church --- this is the other end of that slippery slope of discrimination YOU create with your intolerance and ignorance.  When you send a message that gays are second class citizens, idiots like this Sheriff pay attention and jump to conclusions that are FATAL. 

Claude Green died because of the fear, ignorance and hate lying just beneath the veneer of civility on current LGBT discussions. 

What if Rob Traynham or Mary Cheney were traveling around Welch, West Virginia?