The Tribune-Review's Mike Seate enjoys going to True (he doesn't name it, but we all know that's the place he's describing).  He also enjoys the reactions of his straight friends to being in a gay oriented bar. 

Seate does a nice job tweaking the social homophobia of men who delusionally believe they are the sexual target of any gay man in their vicinity. 

My straight friends need to realize that, despite overestimating our own allure, most often, nobody in any bar -- gay or straight -- is checking us out. With our beer bellies, beard stubble and constant banter about motor sports and marriage, we're so obviously straight it would take The World's Most Clueless -- or desperate -- Gay Man to send a free drink sliding down the bar in our direction.

Actually, he does describe a few gay men that I know.  However, his point is well made.  Perhaps he should take the Trib editorial board out for a round?