The Catholic Church strikes another blow for homobigots everywhere. reports that Catholic Charities of Boston will no longer provide adoption services because they choose not to comply with the states human rights law requring them to not discriminate against GLBT parents.  The Catholic Church wants a special exemption from the law. 

They want to be free to discriminate AND accept state funding.  Only in W's America!

Today in Pennsylvania, there are over 21,000 children in the foster care system (I know this from my day job).  That is in a state that ALLOWS gays to foster and adopt children. 

It is pathetic -- absolutely pathetic -- that the right wing is trying to use CHILDREN as leverage against gays.  Vulnerable children are fodder for their latest attempts to paint queers into a corner or back into the closet.  They are going to keep these kids in foster care for years longer by turning away gay foster and adoptive parents.  That's some family values for ya.

I'm looking forward to Bishop Wuerl's response ....