I knew I would have an hour to kill this morning in the "East Side" neighborhood formerly known as East Liberty (does changing the name mean there are no more black or poor people living here?).  So I packed along my laptop and scooted into the new Starbucks to give this Starblogging thing a whirl.  My peppermint mocha in hand (its a cold morning), I found a seat.  All the tables are being hogged by other laptop bearing blogeeks and one annoying couple who actually have their legs completely intertwined around the table in a very disgusting example of why you breeders should not rule the world.  No self respecting homo would straddle a table for a few inches of inter-thigh contact.  At least not at Starbucks.

This ain't no picnic.  Aside from the humping breeders, I'm getting glares from people who want my comfy chair.  But its near the outlet so I'm in no mood to be considerate or thoughtful.  They should have gotten up earlier.  Its also drafty in here from the constant flow of customers.  Plus, its hard to eat a blueberry muffin over a laptop.  While surfing the web for homos news of interest to Pittsburgh. 

I'll leave Starbucks to MacYapper and stick with my attic.