The women at Penn State aren't fairing well in the hands of the current Administration.  Women basketball players have been enduring the homophobic tyranny of Rene Portland for years. 

and this from today's Post-Gazette ...

The only sour note is that JoePa appears not to have understood the seriousness of a sex assault charge made against a Florida State athlete. Mr. Paterno's comment Monday was unfortunate. He said the player "may not even have known what he was getting into. ... A cute little girl knocks on the door. What do you do? Geez ... thank God, they don't knock on my door."

While Coach deserves to bask in how his players performed on the gridiron, he should spend the off-season thinking about how athletes should conduct themselves off the field.

UNFORTUNATE?  Because he's from a different generation?  Because he's a beloved sports icon?  Because his team won?

His comments are not unfortunate.  His underlying beliefs are unfortunate. 

So boys will be boys and stay away from the filthy dykes.  How very 20th century.