My favorite line of the morning thus far from 2 Political Junkies

Rick Santorum - a man of strict principles, until he needs to win an election.

This calls for full confession -- in 1991, I spent six months as a legislative intern for then-Congressman Rick Santorum.  I was 20 years old and hopelessly heterosexual.  I was also assigned there after winning a scholarship from the Pittsburgh Foundation. 

It wasn't a bad place to be at the time.  I did find the atmosphere to be a bit too "servant of the cause" for my taste, especially given that I was a Democrat.   I did learn quite a bit (enough to leave DC after graduation and head for graduate school versus trying to work in government). 

Fast forward 10 years ... it is 2001 and I'm a social worker in the Mon Valley for a coalition of human service agencies.  I attend a groundbreaking ceremony for a new housing unit and run smack into Rick.  He sizes me up, shakes my hand and says "Did you work for me at one time?" (or something to that effect).  I confirmed my internship and he pleasantly asked me a few follow up questions.  I was charmed in spite of myself.  Given that I was on the clock, I had left my rainbow button at home. 

Fast forward to now ... I despise what Rick Santorum does in the name of politics, religion and family values.  His behavior and his attitude are reprehensible.  He has a gay staffer for crying out loud!

But I don't hate him (or his lifestyle).