Penn State Women's Basketball Coach Rene Portland is seeking to have a lawsuit alleging "lesbian baiting' dismissed.  Go here for the story at

Here's what The Big Gay Picture has to say about the attempt of PSU to wiggle their way away from Portland ...

[T]hat didn't stop the school from publicly supporting her for the last several decades, despite receiving so many complaints about her that they actually had to pass a university policy banning sexual orientation discrimination in the 90s, and require all coaches to attend homophobia training. All because of Portland. (Read this overview on Women's Hoops blog for more info.)

There are A LOT of Penn State alumni here in Pittsburgh, including my lovely partner.  Most knew about Portland's "no lesbians" policy throughout her tenure. 

What a crock that Penn State is distancing themselves from her now ... what about the past 20 years?  And all the women who played ball for this homo-hater?  Or all the women who didn't because of her delusional policies? 

Maybe Rene is a sorority sister of Melissa Hart and Mary Cheney?