From, I discover that yet another Bible Belt NBC affiliate has capitulated to the right-wing hate regarding homosexuality and cancelled the Book of Daniel. 

According to WSMV mangement, they received over 137 complaints via telephone, email and postal mail.  And apparently the independent nature of the 137 responses caught their attention

"Over the years, other shows have generated as much or more reaction, but this wasn't a cut-and-paste reaction where a national group says, 'Please send an e-mail to your station' and every e-mail is the same," Hale said. "These were individually crafted, considered, well-thought, well-reasoned e-mails and phone calls."

137 hate-mongering bigots made an impact of this significance in a city the size of Nashville.  According to General Manager Elden Hale "viewers objected to the language, the sexual content and the portrayal of Jesus, who appears to Quinn's character for regular chats." 

Hmmm.  When I caught the show last week, Jesus pretty much came across like every photo I've ever seen in American Christian Churches - 30ish, long haired white robe wearing white guy.  He didn't appear the slightest Aramaic, spoke very fluent English and was overall pretty reputable in appearance.  Perhaps because he wasn't spewing condemnation about all their sins, instead offering a message of compassion and hope.  How anti-Christian!

It almost seems like the right-wing whackos are picking television stations off one by one.  Book of Daniel did very well in the ratings, leaving me to wonder if someone can scrounge up 138 Nashvillians who actually watched the show? 

If you are in the Pittsburgh viewing audience, contact WPXI and thank them for letting viewers make our own choices about which programs we watch and for airing a quality entertaining television program. 

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