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by Sue on Mon 02 Jul 2007 07:57 PM EDT
Traynham. After licking his wounds with some of the soothing corporate money vis a vis his PR consulting
by Sue on Sat 21 Jan 2006 09:54 AM EST
Traynham  an openly gay man who also happens to be African-American.  Pay attention
by Sue on Fri 03 Nov 2006 07:26 AM EST
Traynham , Rick Santorum's Spokesfag and new best friend of John McIntire.  And Lee Cohen
by Sue on Thu 10 Aug 2006 08:08 PM EDT
Traynham, said that the statement was signed by an aide on Santorum?s behalf under the misapprehension
by Sue on Mon 20 Feb 2006 07:44 PM EST
Traynham.  ''I think it's time we had a senator who wasn't pushing
by Sue on Sat 15 Sep 2007 10:21 AM EDT
Traynham near his kids ... all actions which fly in the face of the twisted public
by Sue on Sun 19 Nov 2006 09:45 AM EST
Traynham!  Mike, the homos have been screaming about the hypocricy for years.  Check
by Sue on Fri 03 Mar 2006 10:00 AM EST
What if Rob Traynham or Mary Cheney were traveling around Welch, West Virginia?   
by Sue on Sat 03 Jun 2006 10:06 PM EDT
Traynham gets treated nicely when he's asked to spin yet another stupid lie to cover
by Sue on Wed 24 Sep 2008 10:54 AM EDT
Traynhams of the world -- remember him?  The gay man working for Santorum.  Clay
by Sue on Tue 04 Sep 2007 08:25 PM EDT
Traynham (you thought I was going with Larry Craig, didn't ya?) deserve every single
by Sue on Sun 29 Oct 2006 08:12 AM EST
Traynham?  Who by the way is John McIntire's new best friend.  I'm guessing
by Sue on Tue 11 Sep 2007 08:08 PM EDT
Traynham, former staff to former Senator Rick Santorum, and Lee Cohen , former PR guru for former
by Sue on Wed 08 Nov 2006 07:16 AM EST
Traynham and Hart's Lee Cohen  -- good luck in the private sector where you can join
by Sue on Mon 22 Sep 2008 04:32 PM EDT
Traynham (Santorum's gay).  Except Santorum lost.  So maybe some people did care
by Sue on Fri 04 Aug 2006 10:00 AM EDT
Traynham can breathe a sigh of relief ....his job as self-loathing traitor is secure
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