His defeat ``would cost conservatives one of their most talented warriors'' and could be seen as ``a repudiation of conservatism itself.''

So sayeth the Candian Press referencing a recent article in the National Review. 

Who are they talking about?  Our good buddy, Ricky Sanctimonious.

And its all because he loves him some bush.  W style.  Like most arrogant frat boy men, dumb and malleable bush.

Santorum, 48, is an anomaly among many Republicans who are putting some hefty distance between themselves and Bush in an election year when most voters are fed up with the Iraq war and are demanding change.

``He just can't turn his back on it,'' says Washington political analyst Charles Cushman. ``He's a true believer.''

For Cushman, the staunch Catholic's emphasis on the anti-terror fight is one way to take the focus off his reputation for extremism that goes well beyond antipathy toward gay marriage, contraception and abortion rights.

He's long been something of a political pinata, making headlines for remarks linking homosexuality to polygamy and bestiality. In a book last year, he suggested more mothers should quit their jobs and stay home with their children. Santorum says he meant women in wealthy families who could afford it.

That's my favorite recent spin.  Rich chicks should stay home and get rid of all their illegal nannies.  Then they'd go home to their children, too. Its a win-win for ALL the children. What if the mother makes more money than the father --- should he stay home?   HA HA HA HA.  Only a liberal Democrat lesbo would make that suggestion! 

Would the defeat of Rick Santorum also mean a repudiation of self-loathing spokesfags like Robert Traynham?  Who by the way is John McIntire's new best friend.  I'm guessing that won't trickle down to me.  :-)