New Voices Pittsburgh: Women of Color for Reproductive Justice honors 7 years of good work in Pittsburgh with a celebration event on Saturday, March 12, 20011.

New Voices Pittsburgh is a groundbreaking organization, using a Reproductive Justice framework to organize and build a local movement with young women of color and allies in the Greater Pittsburgh Region. Reproductive Justice is a community organizing framework based in Human Rights, a social change movement primarily led by women of color that affirms the rights of women to decide if/when they will have children and how they will raise their children and a vision for reproductive freedom for all people centralizing the healing practice of self-help. New Voices Pittsburgh is deeply committed to building a local movement for Reproductive Justice to elevate the powerful voices of women of color on human rights, reproductive oppression and the totality of our experiences as women of color.

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New Voices Pittsburgh is a queer inclusive and queer affirming organization.