I am honored to be nominated for the second year running for "Lesbian of the Year" award by the Keystone Alliance/Gaylife Newsletter readers. I count myself fortunate to be among esteemed company.

6. Lesbian of the Year 2011

Crystal/Harry Feltersnatch:                C.J aka Blu:          Kimmi Rech:              

Shannon Matty:                    Duckie:                          Susan Levine:               

Elena Deluca:        Lyndsey Sickler :          Weezie of Weezie's Pub & Club:

Toni Emmons         Elizabeth Folta       Sherry Sabatino:       Mara  Rago         

Cathy Cox              Jess Porter           Brandi L.                Joy Souder

Sue Kerr                    Michelle S/Mikee Stylz                   Katina Stewart

It was a pleasure to receive the award last year and I appreciate the support for this blog.  Best of luck to all nominees in the various categories.