Word on the street is that this week's meeting of the Allegheny County Human Relations Commission should include a report from the County Personnel Department on health insurance options from the County's vendor.  That should be a positive step forward.  At the very least, Chief Executive Dan Onorato will have a clear plan on how to provide dp benefits to non-unionized County employees.  That creates a foundation for the union negotiations, but I'm confident he won't make some employees languish while those negotiations take place.  Right? 

I'm not beating a dead horse. I'm following up on his promise to make this happen. There's no conceivable way this can't happen ... vendors offer these benefits.

The Commission's regular meeting is at 8 a.m. on Thursday May 6, 2010, in Conference Room 1 at the County Manager's Office in the County Courthouse. 

Allegheny County deserves these benefits before we consider sending our Chief Executive to Harrisburg.  It has been six years and counting.  It is time.