Ledcat came home and put the dogs out, then went upstairs.  She happened to glance out the window in time to notice that our neighbor TOOK HER GARAGE down, leaving a giant gap in the yard where the garage wall had once been.  She made it back down to the yard just in time to recall the dogs who were like "Hmmm, let's go see this new space."

Our awesome contractor friend came out to measure tonight and will start putting up the new fence section tomorrow.  Our neighbor admitted she forgot we had dogs.  I don't think ANYONE who walks by the backyard forgets we have these dogs, but I can definitely say that a relaxing evening does not begin with unexpected disruptions in your fence line. 

I will not again say "can this week get any worse?"  LOL.  Apparently, the answer is yes and it is only Tuesday.

Thank goodness for Ledcat quickness.