4th Annual Pittsburgh Dyke March!

Creating celebratory & political space for dykes for its fourth year
Saturday, June 13, 2009
Meet @ 2:00 pm
March @ 3:00 pm
CMU lawn @ 5000 Forbes Ave, Pittsburgh 15213pittsburghdykemarch@gmail.com

The Pittsburgh Dyke March is personal, it's political. We are claiming celebratory feminist space for LBTQ (lesbian, bisexual, trans, queer) wimmin. Our realities and issues have been set to the side of the larger "inclusive" GLBT umbrella, and we've been told we must compromise. We've been told to assimilate to appropriation by corporate advertisers and sacrifice our interests to further the "greater good" of the gay community. As womyn loving womyn we are claiming this loving and political space, not only to celebrate the fierce radical spirit of the Stonewall Riots, but to remind ourselves that dykes are, and will continue to be, a revolutionary force to be reckoned with. How we organize and celebrate with one another matters, our love matters, our art matters, and dyke lives matter.

Meet at 2pm
March at 3pmmyspace.com/pittsburghdykemarch