Just caught "Don't Ask, Don't Give" on Pam's House Blend.

The gays are getting pretty pissed off so they've "paused" donations to the party.  Direct donations to the campaign only.  Period. 

More here at Ameriblog.

Can you give examples of how the President and Democrats have not been fierce advocates for the civil rights of gay and lesbian Americans?

Whew. I'd like to see this kind of spunk locally. I hope you'll consider the boycott.  No ACDC fundraisers while Allegheny County employees don't have domestic partner benefits.  No checks until Dan and Luke come out strongly in support of HB 300.  I'm going to work on my own list, but rest assured Luke is working hard to talk gay friendly.  He's going to have a press conference for World AIDS Day, but no word on what action he will take ... funding, services, hiring practices? What will it be? 

I mean we got our asses spanked on Tuesday and the party THREW women under the bus Saturday night with the horrible horrible anti-choice amendment.  How much more "leadership" do we need? 

Reread that list and then tell me what your Democrats have done for you?  Really. Is it acceptable that the DNC failed to support Maine?  It is despicable.

At least read the links.  I'm not anywhere on the radar of the ACDC, but I know that extending domestic partner benefits to Allegheny County employees should have happened a decade ago when it was controversial.  You want the best and the brightest working to lead us forward -- do the obvious thing to attract them.

And folks ya gotta start turning out or the embedded homos with $$ will keep pulling the decisions toward a side of life that is decidedly not consistent with the average queer. 

I am still REALLY angry about Saturday night.