This came from a constituent of Councilman Gastgeb who wrote in favor of the ordinance.

Thank you for taking the time to write. It is my understanding that the Bill will be going through some amendments over time. In addition, there is a public hearing scheduled for Thursday. With this as well as other anticipated meetings, we will see how this progresses. I am not inclined to support a special protective status for any group of people based on the County level of government. I am not sure that the County is the appropriate government that this should rest with. The State has not acted at all and the Federal government already identifies/lists discrimination status within federal law. People of any race, creed, origin, whatever should never be discriminated against. I am not sure what protection this Bill offers in the current form nor what power the County government has regarding this issue.
I have a special needs child of my own regarding education and I am personally aware of issues of discrimination.  It would be wrong for anybody to be discriminated against.
Additionally, Council is only a portion of the equation. Chief Executive Dan Onorato must sign any ordinance for it to become law. ( short of a veto over-ride.) His stance on this will be a powerful voice before any vote.
Again, thank you for writing and Happy New Year.

So he doesn't know what protections are offered in the bill?  Does that mean he didn't even read it before deciding not to support it? Or what? 

Invoking his special needs child is a slick move right out of the playbook of former State Representative Ken Ruffing who used his autistic child to steal tax payer money.  Nice one, Vince.

I also love shifting the blame onto Onorato although it is true that we have word from him yet on how he would vote on this topic.  I have to check the transcripts from the pseudo-town hall meeting held this morning.

Vince Gastgeb.  Protecting creeds.  This is your government not at work.