The Post-Gazette editorial board comes out in favor of a Florida ruling that the state law banning LGBT adoption is unconstitutional.  Let us take a moment to be grateful here in Pennsylvania that we are not fighting back a similar ban or another round of marriage amending garbage (not yet).  Pennsylvania has 20,000+ children in the foster care system so a ban on gay foster parenting would be patently harmful to children.  This past June, I facilitated a session on gay foster parenting and adoption.  Everyone there -- 17 people -- wanted to adopt.  I hope some of them followed through. (I was there for foster care so I'm not sure what happened.)

Frank Martin Gill, a gay man from North Miami, waged and won the legal battle so he could adopt two foster children he has raised for four years. But the case is likely to be appealed and could end up ultimately in the hands of the Legislature.

Before the lawmakers act next time, they owe themselves -- and Florida's children who are seeking a home -- a reality check.

Keep this on your radar, folks.  Children's lives are at stake.  I know someone who worked in the Florida child welfare system so I kid you not ...