Imagine if Joey Porter mated with Ann Coulter ... they could spit out homobigot puppies left and right, well mostly just right. 

I just had to chime in on this.  The Tribune Review printed a list of Joey's highs and lows during his Steeler tenure. I won't recant all the amazing athletic feats he accomplished -- bully for him for doing the job he was amply compensated to do.  But here's how Scott Brown sums up Porter's homophobia:

The outspoken Porter made comments that some said were offensive last December, when he called Cleveland Browns tight end Kellen Winslow Jr. a derogatory name for a homosexual man during a post-game interview. Porter apologized for the word he used, though not to Winslow, and was fined $10,000 by the NFL.

WTF?   Outspoken?  Some said were offensive?  In what reality is calling Kellen Winslow Jr. a fag not offensive?   He was trash talking so everything he said was intended to be offensive. 

Brown was more outraged by Porter's horse-murdering dogs than his blatant bigotry.  Nice, huh? 

Now if I could just connect this to police secondary employment, the mayoral endorsement or Dennis Regan ...