It would seem that Luke's people realized what a huge gaffe he made last week by saying he does not favor civil unions.  Thus, he has scheduled a meeting with representatives from the Steel City Stonewall Democrats at 2:30 PM Monday.  To clarify. 

Apparently, Luke has stated that he doesn't know what a civil union is. 

The Mayor of Pittsburgh  -- a Democrat under the age of 40 -- does not know what a civil union is. 

That is so blissfully ridiculous that there's simply no need for further comment.

Luke led the Stonewall Democrats on a merry chase during the primary, trying to choke out as much gay campaign money as possible without actually turning in his questionnaire.  He does not have their endorsement. 

I honestly think that he believes showing up at a few gay bars and PrideFest will trick us into thinking he's a gay ally.  He honestly believes we are that gullible and naive. 

Here's a question  -- why would Luke want to appease local homos in the 24 hours prior to his election?  If its in the bag, who cares what we think until 2009, right?   Hmmm ...