The Post-Gazette has a nice story on the impact of Gay Straight Alliances (GSA's) on local youth.  My favorite quote:

"Prejudice begins at home, but I truly believe people can be educated."

The City Paper's Melissa Meinzer explores what H.B. 1400 could mean for Pennsylvanians.  This legislation expands discrimination protections to sexual orientation, gender identity and gender presentation.  She asks some difficult questions about religious exemptions. 

The Pittsburgh International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival kicks off this weekend.  I was a little disappointed to read a recent email from the Film Society President accusing lesbians of being unsupportive of the festival because the lesbian turnout is lower than the turnout of gay men.  Frankly, no one has ever asked me why I don't turn out for many movies. I wonder if they've asked you? Lesbians?

The reason I don't attend many movies is that I just don't have the time to see more than one movie in a two week period.  It is a busy time at work.  There's also my birthday as well as the birthdays of several friends.  Halloween.  Plus, the normal day to day stuff like housework, pet care, laundry and so forth.  Throw in a random medical appointment and a trip to see a family member and you just run out of time. 

I doubt that berating lesbians will get to the heart of the problem.  Nor will it encourage women to turn out.  I certainly don't like the implied threat that if I don't see Itty Bitty Titty Committee, I'm a bad lesbian. 


The stripped down version of ENDA was voted out of committee.