Its a brrrrryyyy cold week here in da 'burgh.  Being firmly ensconced on the couch with some illness of indeterminate origin, I don't have much in the way of excitement or cool tidings to share with you.  My supervisor actually sent me home from work.  It was just like elementary school without the call for my  mom to come pick me up. 

Some cool things did catch my eye ....

You can catch our friend and awesome performer Eve Goodman live in a couple of venues this week.  Tomorrow (1/24) at the Backstage Bar at Theatre Square downtown and Friday (1/26) at Aldo Coffee Company in Mt. Lebanon.  We've been to Aldo Coffee Company and its a fun trendy little spot right in the heart of Mt. Lebanon.  Literally, in the midst of a neighborhood!  You'll love it and you'll love Eve's music.  Its a great evening out for you and your friends (and affordable -- coffee plus tips).  Check out Eve's website for information on her music.  She's luminous (and very funny)!

Thursday 1/25 check out the Art From Chaos Music Series at Modern Formations Gallery in Garfield.  This regular series held monthly on the last Thursday will feature Nashville singer/songwriter Amelia White with Pittsburgh artists Bill Eberle and Autumn Ayres as her opening acts.  We love Bill and Autumn!  

Something for every night of the week to satisfy your music cravings.  What could be better than a cup of coffee, a snug window seat and great local music? 

Check it aht!