Here's a perfect example of why heterosexuals should be outraged about gay bashing.

Colin Finnerty, that upstanding young lacrosse player from Duke facing rape and kidnapping charges, was found guilty in an attack on two men in Washington D.C.

Finnerty and five college buddies, including Duke lacrosse captain William Gerrish, followed two men, taunting them with homophobic epithets and then punched and kicked the men. 

Here's the thing.  Finnerty and Gerrish are white, privileged thugs and if they were poor, black or brown men, they would be in jail for such behavior.  Finnerty beat up two men because he presumed they were gay.  Gerrish lied under oath about the circumstances and only recanted when confronted with his own statement to the arresting officer.  Finnerty got probation.

The Duke situation is filled with conflicting reports and he's innocent until proven guilty of course.  But he's not innocent of being a prick and its not a difficult leap to imagine a gay-bashing bigot treating women like trash.  Just the fact that these alleged pillars of society throw drunken brawls is disgusting.  It doesn't make them rapists.  It does make them elitist preppy pigs.

Back to my original point. The victims in the DC gay are not gay.  They were beaten up because Finnerty perceived them to be gay.  I don't know if they were mincing, pink shirted metrosexuals or just two average guys strolling through DC.  It doesn't really matter.  Finnerty has this tape in his head telling him that he has the right, the privilege, to beat the living hell out of someone b/c they seem gay.  And, apparently in US society, he's right.