Penn Hill State Representative Tony DeLuca seems to be slowly peeling away the thin veneer of Democrat in which he's been encased for the past umpteen years.  In addition to having voted in favor of the legislation to protect marriage from homosexuals,  DeLuca is now moving deeper into Rick Santorum territory by persecuting employers for hiring immigrants.  The legal kind (PG). 

DeLuca is upset with the Fox Chapel Golf Club for hiring six men who immigrated from Mexico to tend their grounds.  Its all legal with taxes being paid and everything.

DeLuca has his second-generation knickers in a wad because those jobs should go to college students.

"I have no problem with immigrants. I find it ironic that an affluent country club has to go and bring H-2B visas in here to cut grass when we've got college kids trying to earn a buck to pay their tuitions," Mr. DeLuca said yesterday. "You mean to tell me we're short of people cutting grass now in this country?"

In a letter released through his office, DeLuca also chides the Golf Club for providing housing.  Note the phrase "supposedly legal"

"It is of concern that the immigrants, who are supposedly legal, are being provided with adequate housing and they only have to provide a small portion of their salaries to pay for lodging," Mr. DeLuca writes. "The country club has certainly devised a sweet deal for non-American workers."

The Golf Club contends that it did advertise the job and received exactly zero applications.  What's a haven for rich mighty whites supposed to do when the not so mighty whites refuse to do manual labor? 

Adding to the bigotry, Thoms Smith, Mayor of Blawnox, contends that it is a matter of public safety that he see verification that the immigrants are legal.  DeLuca apparently likes that approach and will introduce legislation making it mandatory that employers provide the information so the good townspeople can rest easy at night.

Do you think this will include European immigrants or just those who aren't white?

Declare cheesesteaks the official Blawnox sandwich and be done with it!

How are these people Democrats?  Could someone explain that to me?