Apparently, someone has their panties in a knot about a recent Correspondent post "Post Gazette Kisses White House Ass, Fawns Over Local Sibs" where I exercise my remaining freedom of speech and criticize Pittsburgh residents who make a living supporting a murderous, hate-mongering, deceitful Administration.  That post has been getting an incredible amount of visitors over the past few days, indicating that someone has passed around the link so all of their friends can click their tongues in outrage, stomp their expensively shoed feet and call me a mean bitch. 

They also insult my family by insinuating I didn't get enough hugs AND imply that I don't know from good ice cream. Perhaps I should be grateful the ice cream twins haven't set the FBI on me. 

But the ice cream bit is just blatantly not true.  We regularly have ice cream and have found that hands down the best place in town is

Shakes, floats, sundaes ... they do it all.  They will even give your dog a baby cone if you bring her with you. 

And, best of all, your hard earned money willl go into the coffers of someone who isn't employed by George Bush.  Now that's a sweet deal!

Mean bitch signing off ...