This is popping up all over the gay blogosphere.  Its a reflection on the state of gay activism.  Very interesting.

Activism, people power, hunger strikes. angry demonstrations, sit ins; they work.

Part One:  AIDS and the rise of partyism

Part Two:  The Perils of Complacency

Part Three:  You Can Make a Difference

I like the recommendations (paraphrasing):

    * Speak up and speak out

    * Donate to advocacy groups (the other side coughs up the cash)

    * Stay connected - via email lists, websites, etc. Stay informed.

    * Support LGBTQ owned and friendly businesses

Ledcat and I talk about this all the time.  Our community is horribly apathetic, especially here in Pittsburgh where we struggle against the parochial "I can't cross the river" genes from birth.  She focuses on how to mobilize these homos into action to demand the respect of the powers that be.  I'm a bit more on the side right now that we should be getting some respect from the party (and local LGBTQ leaders) if we want to galvanize the queers.  But it is pretty much the same side of the coin. 

Nothing makes me so crazy as a homo who claims s/he is not political.