It is always nice to get a little opinion-love from the fine folks down at the PG's editorial board.  They did not fail me in detecting the wafting odor of business as usual hanging over the City-County Building like the mill smell that has so deeply permeated my father's pores its become part of his essence.  And its just as corrosive.

As Post-Gazette reporters Rich Lord and Ann Belser discovered, the City-County Building, which has long been officially smoke-free, is a place where smoking bans are subjects of nods and winks and where the happy band of surreptitious smokers also includes some in top offices. Allegheny County police have no plans to enforce the ban on Grant Street, and so diehard smokers will continue to grasp their cigarettes like John Perzel hanging on to his chair.

Top offices would include the City Council President.  I think Barbara Harris' dismissive attitude is condescending and arrogant, but I don't expect much from her but bluster.  Doug Shields, on the other hand, is supposed to be one of the good guys.  So why does he not care if his nasty little habit ferments malignant tumors in the lungs of his associates and constituents?  I don't want cancer, Doug.  I also don't want to breathe in your disgusting second-hand smoke or deal with its smell lingering in my clothing and hair.  And I don't want the President of City Council to laughingly tell a reporter that he plans to break the law.  Its embarrassing and pathetic. 

The city employees that I know have told this sort of crap goes on all over the place --- any why the heck not?  If Doug Shields can smoke in his office, why can't the minions who toil away in the backoffices? 

I guess this just yet another way for Pittsburgh residents to clean up City Hall.  Perhaps we take comfort that our Mayor isn't old enough to buy cigarettes ...