The soap which turned Erica Kane's daughter into a lesbian has done it again.  All My Children, a long running soap opera on ABC, has plans to introduce daytime television's first transgender character (

The characer is Zarf, a flamboyant rock star who will kiss aforementioned lesbian Bianca Montgomery and then eventually begin transitioning from male to female.  How far the storylinen will go depends on fan reaction.  Fans have ardently embraced Bianca's story over the past several years, particularly her romance with former love Maggie.  However, along the way, AMC had to have Bianca raped and impregnated, murder her rapist and have her child kidnapped for multiple months.  Just your typical lesbian stuff.  Imagine what they'll do with a transgendered woman?

AMC is working with GLAAD and transgender advisers.  Let's see what happens.  Unfortunately, Ledcat and I don't get ABC so I may have to rely on internet summaries.