Put Ambridge on the list of places you don't want to raise your children. 

School Board member William Scherfel described the Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) at Ambridge Area High School as a "sex club" and then refused to apologize, referring ot the members as fags.

The Gay Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) has been involved in the dispute, noting concern about the disturbing shift in attitudes toward GSA's across the state.

Good grief ... he called GSA members fags.  What the hell is wrong with him?  He's elected to a position of trust and authority over students and he blatantly violates every iota of both. 

As of Wednesday night, Scherfel allegedly apologized.  Here's an excerpt from WPXI's report

Channel 11 News reporter Gordon Loesch spoke with Scherfel. Scherfel said he's not even sure he said the word.

Loesch asked, ?You're not even admitting that you said it? You don't know if you said it??
William Scherfel said, ?No, no. It would not be beyond me to use that word. It?s a word I heard growing up. I might have used the word."

Student Adam Smith said, ?It wasn't heartfelt at all.?
Loesch asked, ?So you don't believe he's really sorry for saying it??
Smith said, ?No, and I'm sure if he had the chance he'd say it again."

Scherfel said he will take full responsibility for his comments.

So he admits he has the capacity to refer to students as fags, but isn't sure that he actually did it.  Oh it gets better.  Scherfel claims the furor is politically motivated by those who don't appreciate his outspokenness.  The school superintendent has opted not to get involved b/c he has no jurisdiction --- apparently he has been robbed of his ability to critique the school board.  And the school board itself?  Here's their position:

Board president Bernard Logan defended Scherfel, saying no one is perfect, and at least one board member, Kevin Blanarik admitted he heard the remark but didn't think it should have become an issue.

"I didn't appreciate the comment because I don't speak like that, but he didn't say it as if he was trying to be mean," Blanarik said.

Mean? Is Logan out of his friggin' mind?  These are students, kids we are talking about and Scherfel is a grown man.  Would he be excused for using a racial slur and have it written off as not meant to be mean?  How about referring to female students as cunts?  Or disabled students as crippleds or gimps?  Would that be okay? 

It is a great day for Pennsylvania when local politicians sexualize students, use a slur to describe those students, claim they don't remember using it, and get off scott free b/c they weren't trying to be mean. 

I'm sure Darryl Metcale is very proud.