Here's a nice little glimpse into the twisted workings of a small mind courtesy of the Philadelphia Daily News:

Alternate lifestyle

Re Gay and Lesbian History Month:

I know we're trying to tell kids this is normal, but why don't we try something really perverse, a Heterosexual Month? That's when we have a real dad and mom at home where the kids see dad go to work every morning, and they have a real mom to run to when they have a problem.

Richie Rim, Philadelphia

Richie is responding to the local school districts decision to include Gay and Lesbian History Month on the school calendar.  You know, as part of the plan to recruit vulnerable children as playthings for lecherous middle age homos.  Since unlike the Catholic Church we don't have our own schools as recruiting grounds, we have to count on the Godless liberals to give us access to the public schools.

This is obviously a stupid arguement made by a small-minded literal fool on par with those who want a White History Month or a Male History Month to counter African-American History Month and Women's History Month respectively. 

It also appears to be the arguement of someone who belives he grew up in an episode of Happy Days, instead of the Rim family somewhere in the bowels of Philadephia.  Perhaps Richie isn't really his name?  Maybe he can tell us what happened to big brother Chuck after the first season --- what kind of family values writes off a 6 foot son because he ain't funny?

What Richie proposes is the ultimate costume for Halloween -- the make believe nuclear family.  Sure "real" Dad goes to work everyday where he is humiliated by his boss, has a stomach ulcer and having quickies with the secretary in his office.  Meanwhile Mom downs a fifth of gin after the housework is done and fantasizes impaling her husband with his neck tie rack.  But the important thing is that they are married to each other and spawning future generations of breeders for all the world to see. 

Richie you suck dude.  Actually that could be part of the problem.  :-)

Happy Halloween everyone.  This year Ledcat and I went as "Lesbian Bed Death"  Mona the wonder dog went as a dog.