Found this during my morning peruse of the Post-Gazette ...

Three of KDKA Radio's primary on-air hosts -- Mike Pintek, Paul Alexander and Mike Romigh -- have been let go in a staff shake-up.


One possibility for the 8 p.m. to midnight shift previously held by Mr. Romigh is John McIntire. Mr. Clark said that if Mr. McIntire, who hosts a weekly Saturday night show on KDKA, was interested in the slot, "we would consider him, but no final decision has been made."

Hallelujah.  Adding another powerhouse liberal voice to the mainstream airwaves is a good thing for Pittsburgh.  And a great thing for liberals. 

History:  Back in 2004, I launched an unsuccessful petition drive to get John on the air on WPTT 1360 during a reshuffling of their lineup.  They ended up airing the syndicated Thom Hartmann show (which I enjoy despite my disappointment). 

But ... the bond I forged with John McIntire over endless discussions of lesbian derring do - both on air and off - overcame this setback and I was pleased that he landed at KDKA.  Plus, he brought his unofficial lesbian correspondent along. 

But a 5 night a week gig ... wow.  Totally has nothing to do with my little petition drive on a competing station but I'm thrilled.