Well, here's some good news on what's been a sad day in Pittsburgh.  The Employment Non-Discrimination Act has been introduced in the Senate (already introduced in the House.) 

Bettter news? Both PA Senators are co-sponsors of the legislation.

Even better?  The bill is trans-inclusive.

An Oregon lawmaker made history Wednesday by introducing a version of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act in the U.S. Senate, marking the first time ever that a trans-inclusive bill has been considered in that chamber of Congress.

Sen. Jeff Merkley, a first-term Democratic senator, told the Blade he?s sponsoring the legislation because ?it stems from core conviction? about his belief in fairness and equality.

?For me, one of the huge issues that I?ve cared a lot about is equality under the law and fairness to all Americans, and this was just a core part of the way I view the world,? he said.

Merkley said he was designated as the lead sponsor of ENDA because he championed a similar non-discrimination bill in Oregon as a lawmaker in the state House, as well as legislation enacting domestic partnerships in Oregon.

Progress, my friends.  Pennsylvania's Mike Doyle is cosponsoring the House version, but Jason Altmire's vote is uncertain.  Your continued calls to press for fairness and equality in the workplace are critical.