Just random thoughts after attending what was supposed to be the signing ceremony for the Alleghen County Human Relations Commission ordinance.  Somehow it got signed two days ago.  So what we had instead was a lot of build up to Dan Onorato pretending to swish a pen around on paper. 

I would ask for a refund on the refreshments.

Sue:  Franco Harris was there!  It took me three tries until I found someone who knew who Franco Harris is.  They knew Dok Harris, who was also there, but not Franco.  What is wrong with these transplants? (I'm talking to you Kris Rust!)

Ledcat:  An eclectic mixture of people.  Very diverse across race, gender, etc.  There was young and old, male and female and white and black.

Sue:  I don't think Dan Onorato said the word gay.  He talked about evolving from being a good Catholic boy to someone who understands that you have to stand up and say no to discrimination, but I think he like the other good Catholic boy in town did it without uttering the word.  That is impressive in a weird, quasi-progressive way to win the Gubernatorial race kind of way.

Ledcat:  Amanda Green was her usual glowing self.  She exuded intelligence and humility by sharing praise and recognition.  I believe she will use her great political instincts and intelligence to go as far as she wants to take her political career.   

Sue:  Senator Casey sent a staff person who is running one of his offices and handling LGBT affairs.  City Councilman Bruce Kraus came.  County Council candidate Tom Michalow also came.  Independent candidates for Mayor Kevin Acklin and Dok Harris were there.  We saw Dok at Nicky's Thai Kitchen later and I overheard him (yes, I eavesdrop - are you shocked?) make a comment about how much discrimination gays and lesbians face in a very sincere way. 

Ledcat:  I liked Kris Rust's speech. He is humble and quick to share credit which shows good character.  His confidence in himself and his place in the world exudes leadership.  Tom Sokolowski's speech was very entertaining. (Tom descibed Pittsburgh as Paris in Appalachia). 

Sue:  I'm still confused as to why a local foundation would spend a ton of money to print up personalized name tags in color and all for a very fancy shin dig while the Chief Executive signs the legislation two days ahead of time.  Talk about a major bitch slap ... how do you accidentally sign the most significant civil rights legislation of your Administration into law two days early?  I hope the clerk in charge of signatures doesn't move to Harrisburg with Dan.

Ledcat:  I'll let Sue have the last word.

Sue:  Thank you, honey.  The event was nice and the moment was one to savor (minus the actual signing, see above).  I was very humbled by a conversation I had with Councilperson Bob Macey and realize that sometimes we have to go back to our original places to do some of our civil rights work.  I'm glad we had a chance to celebrate in  style.

Ledcat:  I didn't say you could have the last word. I said I didn't have anything else to add. 

Sue:  Well, I do.  I wish Dan Onorato would have promised to provide domestic partner benefits for County employees.  It would certainly end my angst over further talks of City-County mergers and prove that he's willing to actually invest in our families  Now that would have been classy.