About 100 folks turned out in Squirrel Hill to give input on the planned redevelopment of the stretch that includes the current home of the Gay & Lesbian Community Center. 

The Post-Gazette features a quote from GLCC Chair Rick Allison:

In addition to the Squirrel Hill Theater, several other businesses and the Gay and Lesbian Community Center will be torn down. Representatives from the community center said they still don't know where their group and other nonprofits that use the facility will locate.

"We're just hoping the developer has some funding to help us with relocation," said the center's chair, Rick Allison. "We're hopeful that they'll help us."

Someone needs to help.  It would be beyond awful if the GLCC had to close, even for a short period of time, while the LGBT community is making so much progress. 

I'll have to ask Rachel Canning, but this sounds like a CBA situation ... the developer needs to make some concrete, binding commitments to the community (communities) impacted by the development. That would geographically be Squirrel Hill, but universally the LGBT community in the entire region.