Some interesting tidbits for your political viewing pleasure.  Michelle Obama addressed over 600 LGBT delegates at a luncheon cosponsored by Congressman Barney Frank and the Victory Fund.  Is this a sign of things to come? 


Pam's House Blend has this live coverage of the speech. 

Frank in his opening remarks, noted that no Democrat who voted against the federal marriage amendment was defeated, however several who voted for it and ran for re-election were defeated

Which begs the question, according to Pam, of why so many Dems are "spineless" when it comes to repealing DADT and with regard to ENDA.  Many of her commenters are questioning how impactful the "Elizabeth Edwards" syndrome should be for our community.  Check out the conversation.  Here are some other posts from Pam who is live in Denver. 

The has a piece up about the Stonewall Convention which ran this past weekend.  The 2006 Convention was here in Pittsburgh.  I wasn't press credentialed for that one.  :-)  However, here's a little shout out to Pittsburgh embedded in the Advocate coverage.  They mistakenly identify Gary Van Horn as the Head of the Pittsburgh Chapter, the Steel City Stonewall Dems.  Gary is a former chair and current regular member.  I think Gary is in Denver as a delegate for the DNC.   Here's the link ...

I am rethinking some of my positions on this campaign.  While I find distasteful and sexist the relentless tirades of bloggers and politicos against Hillary supporters potential damage to the election of The Annointed One, I don't want to squabble.  Nor, however, do I wish to capitulate to the bigotry that says the prism of a woman is always skewed. Sometimes I feel like speaking about women's issues -- about my issues as a gay woman -- is the ultimate vagina monologue b/c the men simply don't want to engage in meaningful dialogue.  I suspect on some gut level that we are being set up as scapegoats b/c we open our mouths and speak unpopular opinions. 

That being said, what can I do to elect a Democrat and still acknowledge the historical greatness of Hillary's campaign?  How do I work to ensure my future and still satisfy the inner voice that feels deeply betrayed by Obama's allegiance to Donnie McClurkin?  I don't know. 

BTW, I've been invited to participate in a webcast discussion on the campaign with other bloggers, including John McIntire and Maria of 2 Political Junkies.  I have to work out a veterinary issue to see if I can make it.  I'm kind of nervous.