A big favorite of the Correspondents has always been Pam's House Blend, the nation's most interesting LGBTQ blog.  Pam and her bloggers were prominent in a New York Times article about political blogging.

WHEN Pam Spaulding heard from two contributors to her blog, Pam?s House Blend, that they couldn?t afford to attend the Democratic National Convention, she knew that historic times called for creative measures.

Getting convention credentials for her blog, a news site for the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community, was the easy part. As air fare, lodging and incidentals began piling up, paying for the trip to Denver became the bigger obstacle.

For Ms. Spaulding, 45, who works full time as an IT manager at Duke University Press in Durham, N.C., blogging is her passion, an unpaid hobby she pursues at nights and on weekends. So she called on her 5,500 daily readers to help raise funds: ?Send the Blend to Denver? reads the ChipIn widget on her blog?s home page that tracks donations from readers; so far they have pledged more than $5,000 to transport Ms. Spaulding and three other bloggers to the convention.

The article explores how the role of political bloggers has impacted the DNC and been impacted in return.  It is a good read.  One blogger's readers bought him a new laptop through donations.  Ledcat thinks that would be a good idea for us.  I'm not sure that our traffic quite lends itself to donations for more than a Goodwill special, but you never know.  LOL.

In other news ... a local coffee shop is hosting a LGBT singles night.

LGBT Singles Night at Your Inner Vagabond 4130 Butler St. @ 42nd

Pittsburgh, PA (Lawrenceville) 15201


Thursday August 28 ? Begins 7:00pm

Come hang out in a comfortable, friendly environment for the LGBT community.

I'm not single, but I think this is a great idea for everyone who complains there is nothing to do if you are single and don't go to bars. 

Ohio has a Lesbian Festival.  It is Columbus in mid-September.

The 19th Annual Ohio Lesbian Festivals just keeps getting better!  The Festival is delighted to announce the late addition of God-des & She and the Hot Cha Cha?s to the day stage lineup.  The Festival will take place at Frontier Ranch in Kirkersville, Ohio on Saturday September 13, 2008.  

These late additions are on top of an already rockin? line-up featuring Bitch & Ferron, Judith Casselberry  & JUCA, Comedian Kelli Dunham, Nervous but Excited, God-des & She and an amazing line-up of Home-grown Ohio Performers including the Hot Cha Cha?s, Tracy Walker, Sistah Ngoma, Donna Mogavero, Alexis Antes, Robin Stone and Featured Ohio Performer Early Girl. 

My understanding is that this festival is open to ALL women, including our transsisters.  Amen.