According to the City Paper, Duquesne now includes sexual orientation among the classes against whom one may not discriminate.  Previously, the school permitted the establishment of a campus Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA).  News of the non-discrimination language change was news to the GSA.  So much for the School of Communication.

Anyway, now the GSA is lobbying for domestic partner benefits.  Duquesne doesn't think Uncle Ratzie would like that.  I can kind of see their point. It is one thing to say that individuals who happen to be gay should not be targeted for abuse.  That's consistent with Catholic teaching (if not practice).  Spending Catholic $$ to lift up the relationships of unwed couples, straight and gay seems to be pushing it.  A fine line, perhaps.

What would be more advantageous is for the GSA to push for open dialogue to challenge the corners of the campus where sexual orientation is not respected and valued. Make everyone on campus say the word "gay" and smile in a genuine, non-smirky way.  I just can't imagine someone accepting a job at Duquesne and then quibbling about domestic partner benefits. But I'm still hung up on the censorship of WDUQ over Planned Parenthood.